Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

Download PC Game Mark of the Ninja Full Version [Mediafire Link]

 Download Mark Of The Ninja

Mark of the Ninja consists of concealment adjusted 2nd platforming. The character is needed to sneak through a series of environments whereas staying out of sight of guards and acting silent takedowns. Levels area unit divided into areas of sunshine and darkness; the player character is invisible whereas within the latter. Sounds like running might also disclose the player character's location and area unit diagrammatic visually by a speedily increasing circle.

System Requirements 
Windows XP/Vista/7
Intel Pentium IV or Better
1 GB Memeory RAM 
2.5 GB Free Hardisk space


Download Link Mediafire -  October 2012

Download PC Game Pepsi MAN Full Version [Mediafire Link]

 Pepsi MAN For PC Game

Pepsi MAN IS ACTION RUNNING SPORT games. Judging from its name must already know what game this dong. Pepsiman is a very popular game in ps1, certainly not all of them are familiar with this one game and would have been played, because this game is fun in its day. Not bad for a spare time because this game is too light anyway. 


Download Link Mediafire -  October 2012

Jumat, 28 September 2012

Download PC Game Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers Full Version [Mediafire Link]

Download Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers 

Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers is an action shooting game that requires us to shoot enemies in the media kaadan flying aircraft. mission in the game Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers adlah warplanes attack the United States against the Japanese fighter. clod war-ships were also involved in this game.

System Requirements 
Windows XP/Vista/7
Intael core or Higher
256 MB VRAM 
3 GB Free space 

Download Link Mediafire -  September 2012

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