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Download Navy SEALs Weapons of Mass Destruction (Mediafire) PC game

Free Download Game Navy SEALs Weapons of Mass Destruction | MF Link | FPS | 132 MB
The game takes place across nine virtually plot-free levels in three global hotspots. The first six levels require you to shoot the living daylights out of some stuff in Iraq and North Korea. Rather than go for the logical axis-of-evil triad and set a few levels in Iran, the last three missions take place in Pakistan, a country of as-yet-un-quantified evil, though people sometimes confuse it with Iraq, which may explain why it was included here. Apparently, in order to get the game onto shelves while its subject matter was still topical, some features were cut. In alphabetical order, these are: gameplay, graphics, and sound.

Navy SEALs: Weapons of Mass Destruction (PC/ENG)
Year 2003 | PC game | English | Published by: ValuSoft | Developed by: Jarhead Games | 235 Mb
Genre: Modern First-Person Shooter Game
Screenshoots :

System Requirement :
  • Pentium III 800MHz Processor
  • 256MB RAM
  • 400MB Hard Disk Space
  • 8X CD-ROM Drive
  • DirectX 8.1
  • DirectX compatible 16-bit Sound Card
  • 64MB Direct3D compatible 3D Accelerated Video Card
Download Link MF

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Redo Teaa mengatakan...

Ini cara installnya gimana..????

fabio mengatakan...

cara instal gimana??..

Anonim mengatakan...

gan,100%work sih tapi kok bahasa jerman gitu,ganti ke english gimana gan??

bondan mengatakan...

iya gan mathin 100 % work , tapi bhasa jerman, solusi nya gimana gan mathin??

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