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Download El-Matador [Mediafire] 560MB

Free Download Games El Matador | MF Link | Genre : Third Person Shooter /Action | Size : 560MB
El Matador has something of a Hitman or Splinter Cell feel because of the gritty settings, the true-crime storyline where you're trying to take down the heirs to Pablo Escobar single-handedly, and the fact that just a few bursts of fire or a couple of well-placed grenades can send you to back to Washington in a body bag. But this isn't a tactical shooter or a sneaker. On the contrary, this is one of the fastest, most traditional shooters seen in recent years. It has a Doom-like pace (and soundtrack), a generic selection of weapons, and tons of enemies that are waiting around every corner. If you slow down, you'll get pinned down by withering fire and then killed by either the barrage of lead directed your way or the grenades that are always efficiently tossed into hiding spots

Although this sounds like a dream come true for an old-school shooter fan, excruciating difficulty ruins El Matador. Those hordes of enemies noted above never seem to miss, unerringly nailing you again and again across rooms, hallways, and fields. If you stick Corbet's neck out even the tiniest bit, you get shot in moments--even if the bad guy doing the gold-medal shooting is hunkered down a few dozen meters away behind a palm tree or a desk with nothing more than the top of his head exposed. These shots come out of nowhere and drain you so regularly that your health and armor might as well be ticking down on a clock.

A tough game is one thing, but El Matador tilts the playing field so much that it feels like you're being cheated. While there is nothing in gaming like the satisfaction of beating a really hard shooter, there is a fine line between giving you the chance to earn that feeling of accomplishment and hammering you so relentlessly that continuing to play seems futile. If Plastic Reality ever makes another shooter, let's hope that it discovers where that line is in the future.
Screenshoots :

Minimum System Requirements
  • System :2 GHz Intel or equivalent
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Video Memory: 128 MB
  • Hard Drive Space: 1500 MB 
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Anonim mengatakan...

unsupported gpu?
artinya apa gan?

Bissmo 71 mengatakan...

Gan mathin nie game kok gk bisa dimaenin ya ??
Apa ada yg rusak file2nya ??
mohon pencerahanya ..

Anonim mengatakan...

sompret.. udh lma'' w DL bisa mah kaga nih game, CACAD dah.. file corup tuh ah,,

ANTIMATHIN mengatakan...


Anonim mengatakan...

Emang knp bro si mathin g bakal bls komentar??dia kemana!!g pernah update lagi game2 terbaru..

xi ipa 1 mengatakan...

ane punya maslah yg sama..pdahal udah download n instal bersabar sabar

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