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Download Knight Rider 2 The Game [Mediafire] 550MB

Knight Rider The Game 2 | PC/ENG | Genre : Action/Driving/Adventure | Release : 2004 | Link : MF | Size : 550 MB
The ‘Campaign’ is series of missions (you can replay missions individually once they’re completed, although for the life of me I can’t think why you’d want to) and to kick things off, one sunny day on the way back from a holiday in the mountains, Mike & K.I.T.T. get attacked by a volley of missiles (larger than the combined stocks of the US & the USSR at the height of the Cold War). So far - so unbelievable. But the way this level plays is even less plausible; You drive K.I.T.T. out of the screen (that’s towards you, with reversed controls) whilst trying to avoid the missiles by jumping with “turbo mode”! (the R2 button). The original Knight Rider game had you jumping around some levels like a platform game at times, and this new opening level seems so reminiscent of a Crash Bandicoot level that you wonder why Davilex don’t just do a cutesy platform game and be done with it…

Thankfully K.I.T.T. does have a few new toys under his bodywork (so it’s not very faithful to the TV series then), and now apart from scanning things (drive up to something that looks like it could be useful and hold down L2), “Turbo Boost” jump and “Ski” (go on two wheels in order to fit through narrow gaps or ‘tiptoe’ across narrow bridges), the supercar now has a laser beam (woohoo), a plasma gun (gasp!) and guided missiles (crikey!) (although you’ll wonder what kind of cheap hardware they’re guided by).
Screenshoots :




Watch Trailer :

System Requirement
  • Windows98 / XP / Vista
  • System: 800 MHz or equivalent
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Video Memory: 32 MB
  • Hard Drive Space: 800 MB
  • Key Board & Mouse 
Download Links Mediafire

 Password : catatanmathin

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agus setiawan mengatakan...

nie yang aku tunggu2 game model shotter tapi pakek kendarran mantabs dech gan
gan kalau beloh req aku minta game cross yang 3d dunk

Anonim mengatakan...

kk bisa Di Compres Lebih Kecil Lagi Gak Jadi 200mb-an Lah.....

Anonim mengatakan...

kok saat d extrack korup sihh yg part 3 and 6

sesattt nihh

cape cape

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