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Download Breath of Fire IV [IDWS] PC Games

Breath of Fire 4 PC Version | PC Game | Genre : Role-Play Game | Size : 582 MB
Breath of Fire IV PC Version, Setelah Lama Saya Mencari game ini, akhirnya ketemu juga versi PC nya, game Breath of fire ini bukan Versi PSX, tapi merupakan game PC, bagi kalian yang ingin bernostalgia dengan game yang dulu pernah ramai dimainkan di console PSone, Ayo Download Game ini .

Breath of Fire IV is a traditional console role-playing game with an overhead, isometric viewpoint. The game's camera can be manually rotated by the player up to a full 360 degrees in some instances, though unlike Breath of Fire III it cannot be tilted up or down. The game environment is rendered in full 3D, while characters are presented as two-dimensional hand-drawn sprites. While moving about the world, players can interact with computer-controlled characters and objects, gain knowledge on the world around them, and gather clues on how to advance the story. Each playable character is given a special "field skill" that can be used to destroy obstacles or solve puzzles outside of battles, which occur randomly in hostile areas or dungeons.
Screenshots :



System requirements
  • 226 MHz Intel Pentium II CPU
  • 64 MB RAM
  • Direct 3D compatible graphics card with 8MB RAM
  • Windows 98 operating system or above.
 Tambahan : Game ini Tidak Akan Bisa Berjalan Di Windows Vista dan Windows 7

Download Link Indowebster

Cara Install :

Cara Install :
1. Ekstrak File Hasil Download
2. Mount Iso Dengan Daemon Tools Atau Ultra Iso
3. Masuk Ke Drive Virtual dari Daemon Atau Ultra ISO
4. Install Seperti Biasa
5. Copy Crack yang ada dalam ISO ke Folder Instalasi
6. Play Game

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